Samba on Centos

To install samba on CentOS
At the command shell enter
#yum -y install samba

Configuring Samba:
# cd /etc/samba
# mv smb.conf smb.conf.backup
# vi smb.conf
Make the following changes:
workgroup = wrkgrp
netbios name = smbserver
security = SHARE
load printers = No
default service = global
path = /home
available = No
encrypt passwords = yes
writeable = yes
admin users = smbuser
path = /home/share (the path to what you will be sharing)
force user = root
valid users = user1
public = yes
available = yes
:qw (save and exit)
# adduser user1 (add account)
# passwd user1 (set account password)
# smbpasswd -a user1 (create same user account on samba)

/etc/init.d/smb restart

Now let us setup drive letter on our Windows so we can easily access these files.
Start -> run (windowkey + r)
you can then enter \\ip_of_server at the run prompt > and click run
then login with the username – user1 and the password you specified earlier.