Clone and backup virtual and physical servers…. complete backup….

This article explains how to clone and duplicate a Linux OS without any downtime……
I have a CentOS running on ESX 3i (data-store 2)
I borrowed a 40 GB space via NFS and named it data-store 1 which i will be using as a backup for my Linux OS

This is what i did…..

Download VMware vCenter Converter Standalone for linux…
Unzip the downloaded package
# tar xvzf VMware-converter-4.0.1-161434.tar.gz
Run the VMware Vcenter Converter from your shell as:
# /usr/bin/vmware-converter-client
(remember that it is a GUI based utility and you need to be on runlevel 5)
Once the application loads,
click on > convert machine
select a source type > chose your option… ( mine was a powered on machine )
specify the machine details
click > next
On specify destination >
it will ask for Vmware infrastructure server details,
enter the server ip (the one that was running ESX 3i) , user and pass
click next>
Select data-store>
I selected data-store 1 as my destination so i will have a clone of my centos on a NFS drive
Click > next
The process will start and its pretty straight forward.

Once it is finished, you can see a clone linux os through the vmware infrastructure client… but standing on a NFS shared storage.


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